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"Most slip-and-fall incidents happen when people slip on a floor they assume is dry.  Because pedestrian "expectation" that a floor is dry plays a big part in slip-and-fall accidents, it is important to know how slip resistant your flooring is when it is both dry and wet." - Di Pilla, Steven; "Get a Grip: Methods for Measuring Slip Resistance" Sanitary Maintenance, November 2002 www.esis.com

Slip resistance is measured by the coefficient of friction."The coefficient of friction is the ratio of the force that maintains contact between an object and a surface and the frictional force that resists the motion of the object."-

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The coefficient of friction is the most common way to measure the slipperiness of floors.  The slip resistance scale offers a way to assess the risk of where accidents are most likely to happen.  The scale measures from zero to one, and the closer a measurement is to zero, the less slip resistant the surface.  The optimal rating for a floor surface is a coefficient of friction of .50.  OSHA recommends a .50 rating and the ADA guidelines recommend .60 for level surfaces.  

Our anti-slip floor treatment eliminates slippery tile floors.  The treatment creates a microscopic texture on the surface, but does not visibly alter the appearance or feel of the tile.*  It results in a tile floor that is virtually slip proof when wet.  The application that we use has been used for over 20 years and has been applied to over a million square feet of tile. It helps to make your floors ADA compliant.  When it was independently tested by the Tile Council of America, there was shown an increase of nearly 100% slip resistance.

The treatment will work on hard surface tiles, such as ceramic, porcelain, quarry, granite, marble and travertine. It will not harm the grout or the tile itself.  It is also safe for the surrounding areas such as wood floors, carpet, and painted walls.  

 * On high gloss tile, there may be a 10-15% reduction in the shine.